Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Story of Nabel and Abigail

We can read about a rich man named Nabal in I Samuel 25. In this story we can see how his wife, Abigail saved her husband from David and his soldiers before David became the King of Israel. We can also see how Nabal’s pride and arrogance caused him a lot of problems. Let’s take a look at his life and see how wisdom and patience prevailed and saved the day.

While Nabel was a very wealthy man who was full of pride and arrogance, he had a beautiful and intelligent wife. He was the picture of success in the eyes of the world. Even though he had everything going for him, he was obviously an unhappy person. He is described as being surly, mean, wicked, and unreasonable. Instead of being grateful for his material wealth, he was greedy and selfish. Abigail, on the other hand had beauty, intelligence, courage, and wisdom.

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